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The Artifex Mundi Competition!
Who familiar are you with "Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Creek"?


Jacub, Creative Director bei Artifex Mundi, told us, that there is a lot to discover in "Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Creek" but only a few players really did (included us) was nur wenige tatsächlich entdeckt haben (to our shame, we haven't even). But who knows, maybe someone of you out there does have an observent eye for details?


Jacub gave us 11 questions for you - if you can answer 3 or more, you will get a game of your choice (BFG standard edition, no collector's edition- or if you play in German, a game from Deutschland-Spielt). There is no time limit, this is an endless competition.

Here are the questions (and there are little hints to find in the interview )

  1. Why did Hamilton write in the letter to the main adventure’s protagonist that this time he had the advantage?
  2. Why did Thomas Walker (the man in the basement) commit suicide?
  3. Why is the compartment in a book in the preacher’s house empty (there is a note hidden deeper, but the compartment itself is empty)?
  4. Why is there a knife stuck in a box in the burnt ruins next to the farm? Whose knife is it?
  5. Why does Hamilton tear off the poster of Kate missing in the beginning of the game?
  6. Why is there a toy soldier from the burnt cottage in a casket found in Hamilton’s cabin? Why do we open the box with the pendant found on Emily’s corpse?
  7. Why do we find the ritual dagger in the church?
  8. Why exactly did the preacher write “I need fresh life force!” in the note on his wall (the one dated Sep. 17, 2011)? How exactly did the whole “death machine” in Maple Creek work?
  9. Can you name the true facts from the real world mentioned in Maple Creek’s leaflets, plaques etc.?
  10. Maple Creek is a fictional town. However, you can estimate the exact location where you could find it in the real world if it was real. Can you think of a way to estimate the position?
  11. Who really is the preacher ?

You know three or even more of the answers? Write an Email to the following adress: info@gamesetter.com


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