Rooms: The Unsolvable Puzzle

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Autor: Claudia K.
Datum: 26.02.2016

(A word in personal matter: English is not my native language. Said this, I appologize for faults and imperfections)
One of the most intelligent, creative and challenging puzzle games on the casual games market

When little Anne suddenly gets trapped in an old mainson, she happily finds an old lamp. To her surprise the lamp cannot only speak but also has to tell the story about a very special toymaker. Anne finds out quickly that this mansion is truly twisted. To come home she will have to find the exit in each and every room of four mansions. A task, peppered with room shifting reads, a cursed puppet, interior changing closets, bombs and much more.

Nearly every one knows slider puzzles - by sliding of tiles one needs to recover an image. But Rooms: The Unsolvable Puzzle won't make it so easy to you. First, because of you, as Anne, is in this room parts, thus you will have to move around yourselve. On the other hand is the fact, that some room parts have walls, others only/and/or ceilings. Closets, telephones, magnets bomb and other gadets will help you to reach the exit, but a lot of strategy will be needed! And, for the ones, knowing the predecessor, the brilliant Rooms: The Main Building, it might be already obviously: Strategies are around to be changed ever and ever again.

Each of the for main mansions comes with 20 level + 4 extra level, either telling a part of the story or giving acces to the basement (or next mansion). There is no time limit, but a given amount of movements. And as a little candy, you can finish the level with the perfect room. A perfect room will show each part of the room background colored, not only black&white. Nothing of this is mandatory. Finishing with the ideal amount of movements will give you a reward of three puzzle parts in the end, but finishing with only one or two puzzle parts will let you move on to the next room as well.

In the first levels of each mansion you will learn about the specific gadets and abilities; but then the levels get more complex, the room layouts more tricky. And it is so much fun. Not only for you. One heard about mother and child racking their brains, being fond of the same game for the first time. Or partnes sitting together in front of the screen, sliding room parts - although one of them never gave a hoot about games before. Rooms: The Unsolvable Puzzle connects. Entertains. Motivates to think outside the box. Specially when you find rooms with more than one gadget, more than one ability. What do you need when and where - often you will have to try out more than just once.

The lamp will not only tell you the story or cheer you up; clicking it, you will see, how the room layout has to be to reach the exit. However, you will only see the layout outline, not the room backgrounds. That might be irritating for some players. Yes, hardly imaginable in these times but developer Handmade Games won't hold your hand only for a second, will not hustle you into the right direction but rather depend on you playing and thinkink. Todays casual gaming world mostly thinks diffrent.

The adventure part, wich was distinct in Rooms: The Main Building will not shine here, instead Rooms: The Unsolvable Puzzle comes along with more levels. The games goes straight forward, you will have to solve room after room. Aside from a little genius, mental trick. After solving some levels you will get access to a mansions basement. Here you will find different abilities (as e.g. Anne can move all rooms except the one she is standing in) and will have to rethink. Really good, when you tried to solve a mansion level several times but can't get it. Just go to the basement, that will give your brain new impact and ideas and suddenly you will see the problem room more clearly.

The graphics are appealing, the story exciting with a surprising twist at the end, the music underlines the atmosphere nicely. The complete package works great and will not only grip you for a few hours but days and weeks. And should have a "highly addictive" tag!

For those knowing slider puzzles just as mini game in hidden-object-adventures, the game will be truly be a surprise. For those loving the predecessor: You will love the successor! Loving puzzles, thinking, developing strategies, being able and willing to think outside the obviously? Then this game is an absolute Must-Have for you. Rooms: The Unsolvable Puzzle is puzzle at the highest stage.