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Nightmares from the Deep: Davy Jones

Herausgeber: Artifex Mundi
Entwickler: Artifex Mundi

Download: Artifex Mundi
Download (Sammler): BigFish Games.com

Autor: Maja K.
Datum: 29.03.2014

A truly terrific final of the brilliant pirate trilogy

A minute ago you, as Sara Black, curator of a Caribbean museum, are giving a lecture about Davy Jones, to prove that he really did exist, being just human no myth. But of course, this demystification does not suit Davy Jones and he spectaculary bursts into the presentation, just do kidnap you and your daughter Cory onto his legendary galleon. An attempt to escape ends with your daughter in Davy's hand you have walk the plank, ending in the sea. Luckily Davy Jones secret Island is near, you can save yourself and go on the search for your daughter.

This ist the third and final part of the Nightmares from the Deep trilogy. And even though the 2012 published first part (Cursed Heart) already was graphically its time ahead, Artifex Mundi still goes forward. Davy Jones' island is, according to the circumstances, a dreary place, but still everything is crystal clear and good to see. In every corner, maritime, colourful elements are build in, loosen up the darkness of the scenes. A lot is reacting when hovered over with the mouse.

At the beginning of Nightmares from the Deep: Davy Jones you are asked to play with sound for a better game experience. And you really should follow this advice, as the sound is preeminent good. The planks of the ship and wooden planks are creaking and groaning, sea gulls are moaning, you hear the crowing of the crows, thunder and swell in the background. The soundtrack is harmonious, unobtrusive and not always around. The cut scenes do have movie character and the movements of persons are really realistic. When talking the characters lip movements are fitting perfectly. In times, where more and more developers prefer telepathic talk (no mouth movements) this should honourably be mentioned. And while we're at it: really wonderful again the wordplay and the distinctive pirate idiom.

However, before you can enjoy all of these, you will have to choose between three play modes, you may change in options, when not satisfied. They differ in recharge time of hint and skip, if active areas show glitter or not and: in the hardest modus active areas are not shown on the maps. The two maps (the second one will come up later) are clearly laid out and teleport you fast to your next available location. The whimsical doubloon chest, responsible for the bit by bit background story telling in the first two parts of the series, does not exist anymore. Now the 12 guardians of Davy Jones' memories are handling this job: Stone statues, spread around the whole island will remind when handed a doubloon. Beside the background story you also will receive a helpful object. By the way, the former story teller, the dwarf pirate, always clutching at the chest, has little cameo in this part.

Duh, a small blooper Artifex Mundi made: Our Cory was already brought away by Davy Jones a little while ago, but when coming back to her dungeon later, she is still there...

No skimp on hidden-object scenes in Nightmares from the Deep: Davy Jones! Very nice arranged throughout, there are three different search options on offer. Listed fragments are hidden in the scene, word lists with little interactions as finding 6 arrows for a quiver or finding the second part of something .... moreover you will have to solve every once in a while a little mini game. As third type you will find a silhouette puzzle search: found objects have to be placed in the scene to get another one. Hidden-object scene are often played twice, but always with another version; word list will change to fragment search, fragment search to silhouette puzzle search and so on. Instead of searching you may always switch to a mah-jong variation, which is surprisingly entertaining as you don't have to wait endless for tokens to leave the board.

Experts with a liability to brain teasers will not get their fair share. Mini games are continuous easy to medium to solve, in addition, there is not really anything new; but nonetheless very appealing in their presentation. You will swap pirate heads to the appropriate body, mix magic potions, connect points, search described objects through a telescope, switch tiles with gears...

In first glance, the main games ends very satisfying after +/- 5 hours... if it weren't for the very last sequence. And this is, where the Collector's Edition enters the picture: usually games with a complete ending only in bonus chapter of the Collector's Edition are not to recommend. But in this case Artifex Mundi shall be forgiven as the overall package is just coherent. Additional extras beside the usual - background images, cut scenes, music and concept art - are 10 pirate cards, 12 seahorses and 14 puzzle pieces are hidden throughout the main game and will bring you several awards.

All that remains to say is, this game is a "must buy" with exclamation mark and the remark, that a buy on Artifexmundi-com (English and Polish) will support the developer much more than buying on any other platform. Nightmares from the Deep: Davy Jones is a stunning game with bodacious locations, some real nice potty characters, movie-like cut scenes and a lot of good quests. you will have to solve. Bravo!

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