Gardens Inc. 4: Blooming Stars

Herausgeber: Nitreal Games/The House of Fables
Entwickler: Nitreal Games/The House of Fables

Download (Collector's Edition): BigFish

Autor: Claudia K.
Datum: 01.02.2016

Part 4 and better than ever

It's been a while since the wedding of Jill and Mike and there are exciting news! Not only Jill is pregnant but also the TV network offered them a reality show. The two are thrilled about the new possibilities the producer can offer. But to know Jill and Mike means to know: the renovation of gardens around the world won't pass off with out adventures.

You will start by choosing between 3 modes; one with out time limit. The others differ not only in the given time for a gold, silver or bronze ending but in expert mode you will also have to finish during given time to proceed in the game, while normal modes allows you to proceed no matter how long it takes.

Fans of the Gardens Inc.- serie will discover the known process as well as a lot of new stuff. A new garden every day has to be renovated; for that wood, stone, tools and seeds are needed. And as not everything is always available one sometime has to take matters in own hands by using special workbenches. To access the flowerbeds, not only obstacles have to be removed but also distances to overcome. So beside shacks and workbenches one will use boats and...ever used a glider to reach a garden? As not always is simple, Jill and Mike get help from specialists. Divers and supliers, detonation experts, gardeners and wasp catchers are only a few of them. Overall you will have over 20 buildings, a rarity in time-/recource management where most others are content with the ususaly farm, sawmill, goldmine quarry.

The tasks are maifold and variously and sometimes not easy to handle. One will need strategies which at least will also determine the usage of the seven bonuses. But attention, not every bonus is always available and so there is no time to rest on a once developed strategy; one might need reconsidering. Also a huge difference to alike games where bonuses are for short-period support. In Gardens Inc. 4: Blooming Stars one will find them as an important strategy instrument and a toy for entertaining gaming fun.

There are a lot extras bringing additional fun. Of course the bonus tasks are back. A word riddle will give specifications how to plant the flowers. Planting as this will bring additional coins. And catching at least one mole, sticking out its nose of the sand at different places, in each level, will be rewarded as well. Additional you will find 35 trunks hidden in the overall 50 levels (5 locations with together 45 regular levels + one special level for each location), also filled with coins. This coins can be used to decorate the nursery for the expected baby; one will always have a varity of choices so the room can be fashioned to everyone's taste. Generally Nitreal Games/The House of Fables are giving space for own decisions. Even so meeting the bonus task requirements, one can choose for its own preferences. Not fancy to play the "garden defense" or "collect coins" levels? One may complete them when ever wanted, always finishing with gold reward. For Trophy hunters there are 60 trophies to win (some of them in three steps: bronze, silver, gold). By the way, one of the trophies is given für beating some, some more or even all developer records.

Graphically we see wunderful gardens, creative and lovely decorated. The main location may not always be obvious represented at first glance but looking closely will show the details. A minus are the too big info boxes. Hoovering the mouse over a building or obstacle will let pop up an info box how to remove/upgrade etc.. Unfortunately this boxes cover up the view onto others and this can be annoying, specially in tempral tight levels.

The Collector's Edition offers 10 additional levels, cutscenes, walkthrough and a separate trophy collection. The levels are well done as well and will give 1-1,5 hours play time, still we are only recommending the standard version. Even though the story is a follow up, the main game plot has a satisfying end and there is only one question left: When doe it finally go on?

Gardens Inc. 4: Blooming Stars is so complex, plot and gameplay, that it is hard to decide what to mention in a review. And so the player will discover a lot of things, we apperently have forgotten here. Nitreal Games/The House of Fables delivered an exciting story with surprising twists, an entertaining, varied gameplay not only meeting expectations of expert players. Newcomers and "relaxed" player are also offered a great game experience. The "old" was preserved, the "new" gives freshness and the complete package shows, that time management can do what hidden object rarely does: create a serie that is getting better ever time. And saying this, Gamesetter's kudos for the developers: together with the Delicious-serie, Garden Inc. belongs to the very best, time management market has to offer!