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Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride

Herausgeber: Artifex Mundi
Entwickler: Artifex Mundi

Download (Collector): Artifex Mundi
Download (Collector): BigFish Games.com
Download (Collector): BigFish Games.com


Autor: Elke M.
Datum: 25.02.2014

Catchy and chic hidden-object-puzzle-adventure in approved Artifex Mundi quality

Together with our Dad we are on the way to attend our sisters wedding. But during the coach ride we collide with a bear and barely avert a disaster. While this unscheduled break, we save a little cat named Kitty, which henceforth will be our cute companion. Finally we arrive safely, only to see our sister being kidnapped from this very beast. Together with her finance we start the search for her without any hesitation, unsuspecting that things are not always what they seem to be.

Excellent is the presentation of all characters and overall graphics. Regardless if it is about voices, lip movements, sounds, colours or background music, everything fits absolutely perfect. Cat lover will have their best pleasure, when looking at Kitty’s animations. Laboriously she writhes her little booty out of the curbs of our inventory, to climb up trees for us or huddle under a gate. As is seems to be a kitten, we sometimes have to bring her the orders playfully close. By pointing a light ray with a mirror to the right place or giving her a ball of wool this works blameless.

Compared to other Artifex Mundi games, the story falls a little bit by the wayside. Over longer stages, it dabbles rather tenaciously along. Besides, we are overwhelmed by a huge amount of reading material in form of notes and diary entries. Sometime the reading changes into a little cut scene, where the written parts put into graphics. Towards the end of the game the plot accelerates and has some interesting twists. Luckily the logic factor is still as we are used to. Items we need more often are remaining in our inventory, a lot of things we can simply do by hand. Only a few little times we will notice, that we can get things from higher places without Kitty’s help or an item.

Already at the beginning you will get a detailed description for the three modes. They differ not only glitter or no glitter and charging time for hint and skip but also click penalties, additional text hints and comfort of the map. The hint will show directions if there is nothing to do in the scene. Additional to the map with transport function, we have a journal. There we won’t be able to read back the story, but actual tasks.

Overall we will play eight hidden-object scenes, all twice but with a good time delay. Four times we will find a fragment search, only once a silhouette search with puzzle effect (use a found item in the scene to find the next one). The other search scenes are pure word lists, but full of well done interactions. But we have to notice, that the interesting search scenes are only available in the first third of the game, after that the word lists remain. But there is a choice to make: Instead of searching you can play a really fiddly domino type, which is really fun.

Marvellous elaborated are the mini games, some of them you have to play in two rounds. Right at the start for example, a broken necklace needs us to bring the pieces in the right order, than sort out the right place for the colours and at last connect the blossoms of the jewellery in the right way. All this is not particular challenging, but still entertaining. All mini games are at least great to look at but do have a lower level of difficulty and do only show well known variations, as for example brewing potions, turn mirrors, sort things in a certain order.

Curios player, who like to dive into a story and diligent look around for their way, not using hints or the transportation maps will probably be busy for around 5-6 hours, before a breath of kitsch around the nose will show them the end. But the last is ok and not overdone for a game with fairy tale character.

The bonus chapter of the collector’s edition will give us another hour of playing time, where the story continuous. Those who love achievements and trophies will be satisfied as we will find 11 game- and 13 act- related awards. Additional 30 spirits, looking like fairies, are hidden in the game and last but not least 28 book fragments, masked as elusive objects, which are pretty hard to find. They will be engraft into a book and will give us a short part of the story. Also all hidden-object scenes can be replayed and we will find the mandatory wallpapers, concept art, music and cut scenes.

Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride is not the very best of Artifex Mundi and possibly not the highlight 2014. But the year is still young and as this, there is time and air above for their next work. However, it is a beautiful, magical game, not so thrilling as we used to but staged into the limelight in a vivid manner. Challenges are seldom, but yet classes above the usual stuff thrown at us twice a week. For all of you, being dear heart to delightful games and set more value on a great overall concept  rather than a high challenge level, this is the perfect game. For all the others: Use the try and buy option! Whether it should be the Collector’s Edition  everyone has to decide him-/herself. 

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