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Enigmatis: The Mist of Ravenwood

Herausgeber: BigFish Games.com
Entwickler: Artifex Mundi

We recommend to buy the game right from the developer to support one of the last independent teams!
Download (Collector's Edition): Artifex Mundi
Download (Collector's Edition): BigFish Games.com

You want to review the game as well or read reviews of other players? That way, please!

Author: Elke M.
Date: 09/2872013

Spectacular  adventure with more than only one “Wow- effect”

As detective we are on our way to the Westcoast, still on the hunt for the preacher, we first met in “Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Creek”. But all of a sudden, we have to avoid a fog bank and when able to see clear again, we are at Ravenwood Park.  A pretty bad damaged camper is in front of us, but it does not look like an accident. Opening the camper, we find a timid little girl hiding. But, before we can really gain Becky’s trust, a monstrous crow is attacking us. After a short moment of unconsciousness, Becky is gone, the camper disappeared as well.  What was it? Where is Becky, where are her parents?

The events come thick and fast, until we enter the beautiful Ravenwood Park, that exudes tranquillity and we can forget our worries for a short time. Some sun flashing through the trees, butterflies flying through the air, branches move in the wind and odd little creature crossing our path. The current atmosphere has captured so much details, that we can literally smell the scent of the forest. Up to the last corner, the developers have worked out the scenes to actually give us the impression of being in the middle of the action. Therefore it is beyond question that background music and voice acting have been perfectly chosen.

The difficulties "Normal" and "Advanced" are distinguished by the recharge of hints and skipping function, the glint of active regions and click penalties. In addition both of the modus’ show marks on the map where something remains to be done. But it is not the exact place, just the area – the rest of the way you have to find out by yourself or use the hint. In "Expert" mode, on the map we only see our current location, plus it takes longer until we can use hint or skip and the sparkles are completely eliminated. In addition, the text hints in the game are less direct than for the other two options. In all cases, the map includes a transport capability. Difficulty level can be changed through the menu at any time.

One of our most important acquaintances in the game takes place in an underground vault. What was the talking treasure chest in " Nightmares from the Deep", is projected here to a prison door. Said door can only be opened with the help of pictorial metal plates; every time we find one of these metal plates, the prisoner’s will tell us a part of the story. On the opposite to its dungeon we have a blackboard, on which we need to collect evidence. A blade, that shows the eye-reflection of the trapped man and if this is the case, we should be fasten in front of his cell, as he then will answer our questions or presents us an useful item through the narrow slit.

Additionally, we receive important inventory items from hidden object scenes. Three different varieties are available for us. Silhouettes are shown for a search and use scene. Also we find word search lists with more or less interactions and sometimes we collect only fragments of an object, also added with small tasks. Word-list scenes eventually come up twice at the same place but in benevolent intervals and of course with search items.

We will have to solve 17 puzzles in the main game. Puzzles are representatives of various mini-game species and most of them we can solve easily, but they are still not boring, not frustrating and nicely done. Compared to the rest of the game, the puzzles seems to be a bit less cared for -  but inside the overall package it does not hurt, they are rather a relaxing in these otherwise so exciting happenings.

On top of that " Enigmatis : The Mists of Ravenwood " brim over with good ideas. As an example: we are in a predicament and can not move, so we give another person advise how they can set us free. And all this from the perspective of the. Or when we light a lantern, we look at our own arm, the lamp in front of us. Not to mention the fact that Artifex Mundi come up with the idea to give us an universal pocket knife in the bonus chapter. Incredibly convenient because we can beware ourselves of endless meaningless searches for corkscrews, knives and other equipment.

The conclusion of the game after about 5 hours is uninhibited, surprising and just as we would have liked to see a lot more often, also completed, but with little hope of another part. Additionally, a true encyclopedia of facts is part of the normal package. In the bonus chapter, we get another playing hour, it is the story of one of the characters we already met. The Collector's Edition also gives us 30 illusions to collect, we can obtain 35 awards, again playing some hidden objects and have access to concept art, videos, wallpapers and music. Special treat are 30 white butterflies that can be collected. However, they are not just arbitrary collection objects, but fraught with so much enigmatic symbolism, which allows free rein to our imagination, because it is not served to us on a silver platter.

Not all players may like the amount of cut scenes and the flood of information in "Enigmatis : The Mists of Ravenwood”. But just this makes the game become a piece of art, deserving more than high praises for all its complexity. Every second we can feel how much passion and dedication was put into this game. However, we should take our time and muse for this so that it can develop its full effect. And those, who drink a good cup of coffee while playing, hereby not only get a tasty cookie with it, but a cake with a yummy red cherry on top. For us, there are almost no doubts: With "Enigmatis : The Mists of Ravenwood” we have been  presented with the game 2013!

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